Qanba Obsidian Review

The Qanba Obsidian is a mid to high-range stick that Qanba retails for around $200. The fightstick does pretty much everything you would expect from a $200 device very well. The build quality and weight is excellent, Sanwa components come stock, modding is very easy, and there’s aren’t any weak design choices anywhere that we could find.

Qanba Obsidian

Aesthetics and Design

The Obsidian is probably the cleanest looking fightstick you can find right now. The fighstick doesn’t have any weird design elements, and it’s body is entirely constructed out of aluminium and glossy plastic. It’s a very high-quality, solid looking aesthetic. On the sides of the Obsidian are two bands of blue LEDs that give a sexy neon vibe.

Sexy LEDs

The stick measures at 18″ x 10″ x 5″ and 6.6 lbs. so it’s quite large and hefty compared to other fightsticks. The Obsidian is only slightly smaller than the colossal Qanba Dragon, though it weighs much less. The Obsidian is surprisingly light for it’s dimensions.

The cable is stowed in a compartment on the back of the stick. It’s obviously a little annoying squeezing the wire inside there, but there’s plenty of space inside. Unlike on the Dragon, the cable isn’t braided so it’s probably for the better for the cable to be hidden inside.

Touchpad and Logo

Also on the back is a Qanba logo and the PlayStation touchpad.

The control panel buttons are packed into a strip on the top right of the fightstick.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Obsidian is excellent, fully built with hard plastic and brushed aluminum.

Modding is relatively straight-forward with the Obsidian, but it’s not as easy as pressing a button and you’ll void the warranty. You’ll still need a screwdriver to open up the stick. If that isn’t enough for you and you want a stick you can open toolless, look into the Razer Panthera. It’s very comparable to the Obsidian, including the same Sanwa components and priced exactly the same as the Obsidian.

On the inside of the stick, the wiring is clean and all wires are color coded for easy modding.

The guts


The Obsidian comes with 30mm Sanwa OBSF buttons and a JLF Joystick.

The top panel includes Share, Turbo, Mode, L3, Options, and LED buttons and PS3-PS4-PC + Lock/Unlock sliders.

Since the stick feels quite light for its size and there isn’t that much anti-slip rubber grips on the bottom, the stick feels a little unstable and unsafe at times.

Gaming performance is excellent from our tests. The fightstick and it’s components are all responsive. There isn’t anything bad about the performance of this stick, especially at the Obsidian’s price point of around 200 dollars.


The Obsidian is truly a well-built and well-designed stick that comes with a great range of features for its price. It’s a reliable jack-of-all trades stick that we would recommend to pretty much anyone.

Overall Score: 89/100



Good contruction quality

Sanwa components

Amazing design and LEDs

PlayStation touchpad

Easy modding


Hard to change ball top

Needs a bit more friction grips

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