Mayflash F300 Review

The Mayflash F300 is budget tier fightstick that is designed to just function — no more and no less.  It functions very well for its role as a starter stick, with the bonus of having an unrivaled range of compatible platforms.

Aesthetics and Design

The design of the F300 is probably its weakest feature. You can tell, Mayflash, a relatively small Chinese manufacturer, puts zero effort into aesthetics and design. Even the Mayflash website looks like it’s straight out of 2003.

If you like having cool designs, the F300 is probably very ugly. But if you could not care less about useless design elements and distracting artwork that doesn’t directly affect performance, the F300 has a very practical and functional design.

It’s basically a black plastic box with some buttons and a lever on it. It’s about as generic of a look a fightstick can have. The F300 has no artwork, only a tiny logo on the top right of the stick.

On the top left side of the stick, you find the standard control panel buttons you find on most fightsticks, regardless of price.

Build Quality

Having a basic design, the F300 uses very basic components as well. The shell is entirely made of black plastic, and the bottom plate is just a flat steel plate. On the four corners of the bottom plate are small rubber anti-slip grips, which is a nice feature on a stick at this price point.

The stick is very small and barely weighs anything, so small that there isn’t even a specialized USB compartment. If you want a larger stick that is improved in many different ways that is similar to the F300, you might want to check out the Mayflash F500.


Being a stick so basic in functionality, the F300 delivers basic performance. The Mayflash proprietary stock buttons and lever are not that bad, but the buttons do feel hollow and the stick feels loose. However, this should not be a problem if this is your first fightstick.

You can easily mod the F300 and put in Sanwa Deshi 30mm buttons and JLF joystick. On the Mayflash website, they even put it’s compatiablity with Sanwa parts specifically as a selling points. It’s a very easy fighstick to mod. You just need to unscrew the backplate and despite the stick being so cheap, the internals are very modular and relatively orderly.

One of the biggest selling points of the F300 is it’s compatibility with so many different devices — it works with both the Xbox and Playstation platormsl, as well as PC, Andriod, and Nintendo Switch,


The Mayflash F300 is one of the best options for a budget fightstick. For a very low price, it gives you everything you would need functionality-wise for a fightstick, plus compatibility with a wide variety of platforms.

If you’re looking for a ultra-budget fightstick that has slightly better quality stock components and a cooler design, take a look at the Qanba Drone.

Overall Score: 77/100



Low price

Compatibility with many platforms: PS3. PS4, XBox 360, XBox 1, PC, Android, Switch

Easy modding


Boring, extremely generic design

Cheaply built

Very small size and weight

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