How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows

You might be wondering why so many people (especially FPS gamers) talk about the importance of mouse acceleration and why it should be turned off. You may be wondering how this is relevant and why you need to do so, our article will explain more here.

To show you why mouse acceleration is so essential to FPS shooting games, we need to talk about what it is, how it works, what is mouse accelerations use and how turning it off makes it easier to be a good player. It isn’t as much of a dramatic difference like a performance boost like overclocking your CPU might be, but it is definitely worth a try.

You need to understand how it works, what it is, what is it used for and how to turn it off.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is the use of predictive algorithms to detect how far your onscreen mouse clicker should move depending on how fast you decide to move your mouse.

If you move your mouse fast, the pointer moves farther than you might imagine. If you decide to move your mouse slowly, your cursor will more closely match the amount of distance you moved your mouse in actuality. Moving your mouse quick can trigger mouse acceleration and force your pointer to move quickly across the desktop. With mouse acceleration activated, the amount of distance your cursor on the screen will travel will be calculated based on the speed of the mouse moving vs. just the length.

How is Mouse Acceleration used?

Mouse acceleration is useful for day to day usage, mainly because mouse acceleration makes it easier to do things like surfing the internet or browse your email quicker. You are much better off keeping mouse acceleration on if you don’t game much or play FPS genre games.

If you don’t have mouse acceleration turned on, you have to physically move your mouse in a one to one ratio with the amount of distance you want to on your screen, if you’re going to click a button 2 inches to your right on your screen, you have to move your mouse 2 inches physically. You would likely need to use multiple series of mouse movements if you want to trace more than 5 inches on screen, with mouse acceleration on you can get it done by simply swiping faster, and you can get to the button across the screen with one swipe.

When playing video games, mouse acceleration can be very detrimental to performance.

Why is it recommended to turn off Mouse Acceleration when gaming?

Mouse acceleration introduces a very hard to learn variable into your aiming mechanism.

It is challenging to successfully predict where your mouse pointer will go when mouse acceleration is turned on, the reason why is because even minute differences in mouse turning speed compound and percolate upwards to throw off your accuracy dramatically. By turning mouse acceleration off you remove this unknown and hard to master variable, making it much more comfortable to create the muscle memory required for you to pull off Shroud-type headshots.

Turning off mouse acceleration makes your pointer move in a one to one ratio on screen and off screen, this makes your aim much more accurate shooter games especially. When accuracy and timing are paramount, the disabling of mouse acceleration is something that is extremely crucial.

Your brain more easily assesses movement when done in a way that easy to memorize, one to one actions are such. Unless you have top tier spatial-visual awareness, having mouse acceleration on doesn’t help you brian assess movement. It causes it to become confused in moments of high tension.

With mouse acceleration off, the movement is correlated one to one on-screen and off-screen, with mouse acceleration on, the move is complicated with an extra 3rd variable that most people will not be able to account for in the heat of battle accurately.

The activation of mouse acceleration adds an uncomfortable third dimension to each mouse flick and movement when abstracted into the digital tracing of your character this can add milliseconds to your aiming time. The extra data required for your brain to process during these crucial milliseconds can rob you of a kill.

Having mouse acceleration turned off simplifies your aiming process and speeds it up, you will have to transition into it, but after you do it, your performance will increase 99% of the time.

Think of a scenario where you have to aim for your opponents head to score a kill, in Battlefield 3 and 4, in BF4/BF3 not getting a headshot while using a sniper rifle will have you fail to kill your opponent. To visualize how mouse acceleration can screw you over in times like this, listen to this scenario:

  • With Mouse acceleration, your brain cannot process how to move your mouse in a way that doesn’t trigger mouse acceleration, you delay shooting your opponent for 30 milliseconds, and he ends up killing you first. In the heat of battle, you end up losing the fight.
  • Without Mouse acceleration, your brain processes effectively and efficiently to move the mouse in a one to one ratio between your hand and your pointer on-screen to get your enemy right in the head in the nick of time. You end up winning the fight with 2 HP remaining, but you still survive.

Now, how to turn off mouse acceleration!

Now that you know why you need to turn it off, we now guide you through the process of actually turning it off.

First Step


The first step is to search up “Mouse Settings” in your search bar at the bottom-left of your screen on Windows 10. This search bar can be accessed using the Windows Key as well.

Second Step


The second step is to click the “additional mouse options” button in the dialog that opens after step one.

Third Step


The third step is to get rid of the checkmark on “Enhance Pointer Precision,” this disables mouse acceleration entirely.

In conclusion

Now that you know why mouse acceleration is so detrimental to your gaming performance and how to turn it off, we hope that this article helped your gaming performance significantly.

Every single professional gamer has mouse acceleration disabled, the reasons we listed will give you a good idea of why. If people like Shroud and others have it disabled, it might be wise of you to do it as well.

Disabling mouse acceleration improves reaction time, muscle memory, gaming, and aiming skills and increases your visual-spatial awareness. Disabling mouse acceleration will help you make faster, more reliable, more accurate and better shots in your favorite FPS shooter. Be sure to also know how to manage your refresh rate, that is an important thing as well.

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