HORI Rap 4 Review

The HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a PS4 fightstick that occupies the price range between higher end fightsticks like the Qanba Obsidian and basic starter sticks. As a result, the Rap 4 is sort of in a sweet spot for a lot of gamers and is one of the best selling fight sticks on the market right now.  

Aesthetics and Design

The HORI Rap 4 gets high marks on the aesthetics department. In addition to being a visually appealing fight stick, the HORI Rap 4 also has a bunch of colorways, something that you can’t say about most other fightsticks.

The stick comes primarily in black, but you can find red, blue, and white versions. 

The stick has a long 3m (9.8ft) black cable that is stored in a compartment in the back of the body when not in use. There is plenty of space in the back so getting the cable to fit in there is not very difficult.

There’s nothing apart from the eight 30mm buttons and stick on the top of the stick, and the control panel buttons and touchpad are all on the sides of the stick. The RAP 4 has a Turbo mode with settings at 5/s, 12/s, or 20/s. The location of the touchpad on the back side of the fightstick is weird, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue as it isn’t use very much.

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Build Quality

The Rap 4 is constructed entirely out of hard plastic, so it isn’t too hefty, coming in at around five pounds. 

Because the stick is so light, it can move around pretty easily. There are two rubber pads on the bottom of the stick to help make it stick to whatever surface it’s on, though it won’t help very much if it’s sitting on your lap.

A nice hidden feature of the HORI Rap 4 is it’s customization. While opening up the stick, will void your warranty, you just need a screwdriver to open it up. The buttons can snap right off and everything is laid out in a simple and color coded way.

Replacing the artwork, however is pretty hard as you’ll have to take off and replace the entire top panel to do so.


This fightstick works with the PS4, PS3, and PC all without issue.

The RAP4 comes with a Hayabusa square-gated lever and eight 30mm Hayabusa buttons. The lever feels a bit unsecured and loud when in use, but the buttons feel solidly built and are really similar Sanwa buttons in terms of overall feel.  

The Hayabusa buttons and levers are advertised to have improved response times, but we haven’t noticed anything different with them.

While these proprietary Hayabusa components feel a bit different than Sanwa components, they aren’t necessarily worse. Everything is based on user preference. The RAP 4 is a loud arcade stick, so you might want to check out the silent model if you like quieter gameplay. 

On the right-hand side of the stick is a smaller ‘options’ button that can be used to open the options menu when on the PS4 and start when used on a PC or PS3. You can turn this button off so you don’t accidentally press it in a game.


All in all, the HORI RAP 4 is a solid fightstick that is a bit cheaper than other fightsticks in the same tier as it like the Razer Panthera or Qanba Obsidian. However, the RAP 4 is clearly inferior in terms of it’s set of features to it’s pricier counterparts. For $50 more, you can get a full set of Sanwa parts and much better build quality with the Qanba Obsidian. 

Also don’t let the Hayabusha buttons and lever scare you. We think that they aren’t necessarily any worse than Sanwa components. 


Good set of features

Buttons and lever are good, despite being proprietary

Full PC compatibility


Small wrist rest area

Needs better bottom grips


Our Rating: 79/100



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