HORI Rap 4 Review

For fighting games, you can’t go wrong with the HORI Rap 4. The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a high performing PS4 stick that provides you everything you would ever want in a fightstick at a price point below that of the higher end of the spectrum, but above that of budget sticks.

Aesthetics and Design

Design is one of the biggest selling points for the HORI Rap 4. In addition to the fightsticks sleek lines and glossy finish, the HORI Rap 4 comes in a lot of different colors: black, red, white, blue, and more.

The fightstick is average sized, weighing at just under 5 pounds and measuring 17″ by 9.5″ by 4.5″(including lever since the stick body is obviously not 5 inches thick).

The stick has long 9.8ft(3m) cable that has a big stowing container inside the stick.

The cable is stowed in a compartment on the back of the stick. It’s obviously a little annoying squeezing the wire inside there, but there’s plenty of space inside. Unlike on the Dragon, the cable isn’t braided so it’s probably for the better for the cable to be hidden inside.

On the side of the stick is the button panel, with the Turbo, L3, R3, Share, a PlayStation home button, and a bunch of switches. You can adjust your Turbo firing speed to be either 5, 12, or 20 times per second.

Another switch allowes you to configure the joystick to be either a D-pad, right analog stick, or left analog stick.

The stick is compatible with the PS3, PS4, or PC, and there is a switch that toggles compatibility on the side of the stick.

On the back side of the fightstick, there lies a small PS4 touchpad.

Build Quality

The HORI Rap 4 has good solid build quality and is practical to use. Although it doesn’t have the premium metal body that high end Qanba sticks like the Dragon have, the stick doesn’t feel cheap and the metal bottom plate does give it some heft.

On the bottom of the body are two large rubber pads that grip well onto a smooth surface.

The fightstick is also mod-friendly, at least when it comes to the internals. Just peel off the warranty warning sticker, grap a philips flat head screwdriver, and you’re inside the fightstick. Then you will have access to the buttons, joystick, and even the PCB. You can then easily pop off the buttons or remove the joystick from its casing for your modding needs.

If you want to replace the front cover art, you will have to remove the plexiglass cover, which is much more of a hassle than some other fightsticks.


Unlike most high end fightsticks, the Rap 4 doesn’t come standard with popular Sanwa OBSF buttons and JLF stick. Instead, the buttons and joystick are of HORI’s own Hayabusa. In terms of quality, the Hayabusa components are not worse in anyway to Sanwa components and the only reasons you would really need to switch them out is if you like the Sanwas more. The Hayabusa/Kuro buttons (varies from Rap 4 to Rap 4)are a bit more sensitive than OBSF Sanwa buttons. The proprietary Hayabusa Joystick is very good, and many perfer it over its Sanwa equivalent.

Especially if you got big palms, the lack of real estate on the front of the stick makes the amount of write support lacking. It’s not a massive flaw and you get used to it quickly, but you might want to look into another fightstick if this seems like a concern for you.


At $150, the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 is a good mid-to-high end fightstick that you definitely should not be afraid of purchasing. However, for 50 dollars more, you can get a Razer Panthera or Qanba Obsidian, both with which are objectively better fightsticks with Sanwa Denshi components and more advanced features.

In the end, the Hayabusa components are still very nice paying more for a more expensive stick won’t mean you would get a better looking piece of equipment as well. Plus, you can always mod anytime you want.

Overall Score: 85/100



Good design with lots of color and design variations.

Hayabusa/Kuro parts are pretty good

Responsive controls


Doesn’t come with Sanwa Components

Cover for cord compartment is loose

Poor wrist support

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