DXRacer vs. Maxnomic – What brand should you buy?

Most gamers have probably heard of DXRacer, but do you know that Maxnomic has released some really good gaming chairs as well?

DXRacer has traditionally been dominant in the field of gaming chairs for a very long time, but other brands such as Maxnomic and AKRacing (read our guide on AKRacing vs. DXRacer for more) have been starting to challenge DXRacer on their own home turf – the US. Which company has the better brand? We don’t really know but here is our analysis.

General QualityExcellentExcellent
Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty on the FrameOnly Limited Two-Year Warranty on All Parts
Warranty on partsLimited Two-Year Warranty on PartsOnly Limited Two-Year Warranty on All Parts
FeaturesDiverse array of featuresDiverse array of features
Construction- Mesh
- PU Leather
- PU Leather
Variety of ChoiceLargeOnly 4 Chair Models
Price Range~$300 to ~$600~$330 to ~$590


DXRacer wins here no doubt, both DXRacer and Maxnomic offer warranties but DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame while Maxnomic just offers a 2 year warranty overall. After 2 years Maxnomic pretty much doesn’t support you anymore while DXRacer will warrant your frame for life, be careful as frame warranty does not equal warranty on parts which only lasts for 2 years.


Maxnomic and most other gaming chair brands basically all have the same design in terms of aesthetics as there isn’t much need for variation. Due to the subjective nature of such comparisons we won’t tell you which one is better, that is for you to decide. Maxnomic does however have an advantage as they use only PU Leather for chair coverings while DXRacer sometimes have cheap looking mesh covering w/ PU leather as mostly decorations. Mesh is quite cheap looking and it is advisable if you are purchasing a DXRacer chair to buy a model that includes PU Leather or the 30$ premium for PU leather in case you want to look into that.


DXRacer has far more variety than Maxnomic by far.

DXRacer has 12 different chair models with pretty varied specifications for things such as height and weight, a full list can be found on our guide for the best DXRacer chairs out there. Maxnomic has only 4 chair lines: Casual Sport Chairs, Pro-Gaming Chairs, Office Comfort Chairs and the Extra Large series for larger gamers.

Build Quality

Both brands offer great quality in terms of building materials, internals, aesthetics and overall build quality to the point that I wouldn’t really say that there is a clear winner here. Most of the moving parts of these chairs will work well for the most part but they may sometimes malfunction on occasion. The moving parts such as the lifting mechanism, swivel system, reclining and armrests will be 10 times better than pretty much any generic cheap office chair. Both brands also offer warranties which we will discuss later but in general as long as they aren’t treated quite poorly both chairs will work for long periods of time due to good build quality.


Maxnomic has a very competitive and nearly identical pricing system compared to DXRacer. DXRacer’s price range goes from just under $300 for a base model Formula Series all the way to the massive Tank Series chair, which will set you back around $600. The high end of Maxnomic’s price range is pretty much the same as DXRacer, but the cheapest DXRacer chair will cost around forty dollars more than the cheapest DXRacer chair. BUT, most of this price discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that Maxnomic doesn’t offer the base model mesh chairs DXRacer does.

DXRacer has a price range of 300$ to 600$. The cheapest model being the Formula series and the most expensive being the Tank series meant for taller and heavier people. The range of which Maxnomic provides gaming chairs is pretty much the exact same as DXRacer with DXRacer having a bit lower of a price floor. Maxnomic doesn’t give you a choice to get a mesh model that is cheaper than PU Leather. For this reason DXRacer has a lower price floor.

Which one is better?

To be honest, we can’t really say much as both brands offer great products with good build quality. It’s pretty much entirely subjective as to which one you will like more. Although you can’t really go bad with either brand, we would probably say that DXRacer is slightly better just because it has a much better warranty and it being an older and more experience brand. That being said many Maxnomic chairs are cheaper and have good quality so they definitely should be on your list of choices for a gaming chair.

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