DXRacer King Series Review

The DXRacer King Series is meant for people who are slightly larger than average but aren’t extremely out of ordinary, with a max height of 6’2 or 188 cm and maximum weight of 300 pounds the King series is designed to fit the top 80% of people in frame and height. It has much of the same great quality that almost all other DXRacer gaming chairs have and is built to last the challenge of a 300 pound tall dude sitting and raging during intense gaming. With the reputation that DXRacer has, you are sure to get a good chair – but let’s take a deeper look into this.

Overall: Very High Quality
NameDXRacer King Series
ColorsBlack, Red, Cyan, Silver, White
Recommended Height and Weight MaximumMax 275 lbs / 124.74 kg - 6'2" / 1.88 m
Armrest Height26 to 33 inches
Seat Height20 to 24 inches
Maximum Weight 300 lbs / 136.1 kg
Chair Weight66.14 lb / 30.00 kg
MaterialAluminum, Strong Mesh, Polyurethane Leather
Included CushionsLumbar Cushion and Headrest
Backrest Tilt Angle135 degrees

Build Construction:

The chair covering is made out of the usual DXRacer formula – PU Leather with a strong mesh. You can also just get a PU Leather based chair if you wish but that will cost you an extra ~30 dollars or around that amount. The chair construction is very sturdy, after all it was meant to handle a 300 pound 6’2 guy in the worst case scenario which most people won’t come close to. We found that in general both options (PU Leather and mesh or PU leather only) feel great, but considering the relatively small fee in comparison with the price of the chair of getting all premium PU leather, it’s probably wise to just get the PU leather.


As with most DXRacer chairs, the King Series is made of high quality foam which is able to stay comfortable for very long periods of time without compressing too much. The chair will remain very comfortable for long periods of time even after having been sat on during that time. The padding is quite thick, which to some people is worse but for us it still felt quite comfortable. The chair also integrates small venting areas so that you aren’t sticky and gross by the time your 4-hour man cave session is over.

Despite what people say, we found that the King series isn’t really that uncomfortable compared to most office chairs, especially given its 135 degree locking recline and posture enforcement mechanisms. The chair also comes with a 360° swivel system with 3 inch wheels for rolling and mobility, the armrests are 90 degree “4D” rests with adjustable angles and the chair itself has a strong aluminum base construction with a footrest. All of these additions make the chair pretty comfortable by my standards.

The king also has a high weight limit of 300 pounds, although it is recommended to be used by people who are 275 pounds or lighter. I can say that, despite being 200 pounds and 185 cm (6’1), this chair felt very comfortable to be in.

Usability and Design:

A standard office chair to a DXRacer chair isn’t a huge amount of difference, but often times it will take some time to get adjusted to the new chair. A lot of other reviewers have told me that it is usually uncomfortable for maybe a couple of hours because the chair is designed to force a better posture, I usually found this not to be an issue and actually be helpful as my posture was so bad in the first place that I would get back pains when playing on a normal office chair. Most of the adjustments and tilt worked pretty much completely fine even with me (a 200 pound, 185 cm guy – somewhat near the limit in weight and very close to the height limit), I’m sure 99% of people will find this area satisfactory. Only issue was slightly out of control armrests and the tilt being slightly off balance (perhaps I might be heavier than I thought?). But otherwise, everything works perfectly fine.
Design wise, most people under 5’7 and 170 pounds would find this chair very spacey. The chair width is about 27 inches and the back width is about 25 inches which is more than enough for pretty much anyone unless you are really massive. The Pneumatic system is based off of a German design that can safely support and move hundreds of pounds at a time, the chair can also recline 135 degrees backwards which is a huge amount compared to most cheaper office chair models out there.  The chair also includes an extra lumbar cushion, a headrest and two matching cushions so you can adjust the chair to your liking.
Aesthetically the chair is quite flashy with highlights, contrasting, and a fair amount of secondary color action going on. It really does look quite beautiful:


DXRacer King Series

The bottom legs are also painted with distinctive coloring of which there are several different colors you can choose from.


The King Series gaming chair is a great gaming chair for those who are a bit heavier and taller than the average person and it has great functionality and great build quality. It is a great buy for people who are serious about gaming and fit these characteristics who can afford the premium price associated with the chair.

Build Quality
Overall Value
Overall Very High Quality

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