DXRacer Formula Series Review

The DXRacer Formula Series is the most basic DXRacer model you can get and it’s also the cheapest. That being said, it still has most of the same features that make DXRacer the most popular gaming chair brand out there. The DXracer F-series is a great budget gaming chair that is for the smaller to average person, so if you are a heavier or taller person check out the DXracer King series.

Build Construction:

The Formula series has the same basic cover as most other DXRacer chairs – PU leather and mesh. Even more expensive chairs like the DXRacer King Series have this exact combo, in pretty much all DXRacer chairs you will be getting the same high quality PU leather cover with scratch resistant mesh and high density molded foam which is resistant to collapsing under the weight of the user even after prolonged periods of time. The base construction of the chair is mostly medal with the base of the chair being made up of nylon and PU casters. In general the build quality of pretty much any DXRacer chair will be good so this really shouldn’t be a worry for you if that’s what’s holding you back.


The chair itself is not meant for larger people, the maximum height is about 5’10 and the maximum weight is about 200 pounds. It’s definitely not meant for people who are above 5’11 and 190 pounds (most of the limits on pretty much any product are usually soft limits and can be bent a bit). Compared to the King series, the Formula series is pretty tiny. The Formula series was just no very comfortable for me at 6’1/185 cm and 200 pounds as the fit was so tight and I felt sort of suffocated as I sat, but other people who tried the chair who are shorter and lighter didn’t have many issues. The chair is about 20 inches length, 25 inches width and 47 inches height so it’s quite small for a bigger person.

The Formula series has armrests that are adjustable in many directions, the angle can’t be adjusted but the other options were enough to compensate for the most part. The chair has a reclining angle of about 135 degrees and has a variety of cushions and a headrest for extra comfort. Due to the addition of high density molded foam, it should be able to hold you up even for extended gaming sessions. The chair also has a high back support, meaning that your spine is supported all the time reducing back pain.

Pretty much, as long as you aren’t above 5’9 and 180 pounds, this chair will be perfectly fine in terms of comfort. It’s really only an issue once you go above that limit substantially.

Usability and Design:

Despite the fact that I am technically WAY over the height and weight limit, aside from feeling uncomfortable due to how tight the fit felt I generally didn’t have any major problems with how the chair was designed. It has been a couple of weeks and it still feels pretty much 100% fine even at a height and weight not recommended for the chair.

The F-series has most of the basic adjustment features available but not the more advanced ones that more expensive chairs will have. The chair has quite a bit of flexibility in terms of lift, it has a gas lift to move you up or down and you it also has a headrest and lumbar support cushion which can be removed and adjusted for extra comfort.

The Formula series has a 135 degree tilt but you can’t lock the tilt into a certain position, you can rock with the chair while being unlocked but you cannot lock the chair at a certain degree you like. This wasn’t a big issue for me, but it is notable to some other reviewers. The armrest is somewhat lacking in terms of sturdiness and can be somewhat annoying if you put a decent amount of weight onto it, but unless you are a lot bigger than the recommended height and weight this shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of usability this chair does not include the wide variety of adjustment features as some of the premium models but the overall design is 100% fine and it works extremely well given the amount of money you spend on it compared to the more expensive chairs.

The Formula comes in a lot of different color and covering variants, it is pretty much guaranteed you will find a certain combination you like as long as you search long enough.


In the overall scheme, the Formula series is a nice, basic model that has most of the same features that make DXRacer such a good brand. But it doesn’t have many of the same premium features that other more expensive gaming chairs will have, nor does it support the extra weight and height a DXRacer King Series does. It’s a solid budget chair that might not be that flashy but it is a great model nonetheless.

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