Checking and Changing your Refresh rate on Windows – Full Guide

Monitors often have varying levels of “refresh rate,” you may be wondering what this magical number measured in Hertz is? A rule of thumb is that the higher your refresh rate, the more your monitor is capable for higher-end enthusiast gaming and the more your monitor can take.

Your Monitor’s refresh rate is a way of measuring the number of times the monitor will refresh, bringing a new frame to the monitor for you to see.

To an ordinary layman, changing his/her monitors refresh rate is pretty unimportant, even for gamers. If your graphics card is unable to handle extremely high frame rates, changing your refresh rate is pretty much useless. However, for enthusiast gamers with the right hardware and potentially overclocking, changing your refresh rate allows you to experience better actual frame rates in real life.

This guide will help you first find your monitor’s default refresh rate than change it (if your monitor allows for it) to a higher or lower one.

We also include for the sake of our readers who are using older Windows versions a set of steps for Windows 7 and XP users.

How to check and change your monitors refresh rate:

Step 2:

For Windows 10 Users:

Right click on your desktop and press “display settings.”

For Windows 7 or earlier users:

Open control panel by going to your main bar and searching up “Control Panel,” then continue to read.

Step 2:

For Windows 10 Users:

Click on advanced display settings.

For Windows 7 users:

After you open control panel, search for an option called “Appearance and Personalization.” Click on the adjust screen resolution section.

Step 3:

Click on Display Adapter Properties

For Windows 7 users

Click on Advanced Settings, the new window opened will be equivalent to Windows 10.

Step 4:

For both Windows 10 and 7 or earlier users:

Last Step

For both Windows 10 and Windows 7 users:

Click on the monitor tab, the rest of the process should come pretty easy to you.

Be sure also to know how to turn off mouse acceleration, that is another important thing.

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