Are Gaming Chairs worth the cost? Office vs. Gaming Chairs

You might be wondering if expensive gaming chairs are worth the cost. Most of the time people are not usually aware of the difference between a office and a gaming model. Even though many people may not really care about the difference, it is important to know them in case you enjoy long and uninterrupted periods of playing.

When looking for seating options for gaming, there are usually two types of chairs you can try. Gaming or a basic office style chair that is general purpose. The usual brands for gaming chairs are DXRacer, Maxmonic and AKRacing.

DXRacers are at least 300$ or so, Maxmonic and AKRacing are usually around the same price as a good DXRacer. They all offer pretty decent options for most people to find good models for gaming. A lot of companies have started to lock onto the fact that gaming chairs and their associated styles have become more and more popular and have begun to emulate their success leading to the rise in budget options for people who want cheaper chair but don’t like the premium pricing associated with DXRacer or Maxmonic.

Now this begs the question, if you have a decent amount of good chairs that are almost essentially the same in many ways to a premium gaming chair. Are the expensive prices associated with them worth it anymore?

Let’s move onto the differences between Office and Gaming Chairs:

Generally speaking there are two major differences between office and gaming chairs:


Design is a very big difference between office chairs. Many people usually deride gaming chairs for being less comfortable, especially on popular sites such as Reddit or Twitter, mainly because people usually compare the most expensive office chairs to an average gaming chair. For the most part, yes gaming chairs will be less comfortable to some degree than an office chair of equivalent pricing. But this isn’t always the case, especially in the lower end of both gaming chairs and office chairs.

DXRacer chairs are often called “racing style chairs” because they are actually designed after racing car seating believe it or not, they have the same elevated front and bucket type seating as sports cars usually have. These are good for driving but for comfort this is not always the case. Most gaming chairs also have less cushioning and are less flexible for different heights, weights and body sizes. To compensate, DXRacer and other companies release different options for different sized people.

Office chairs are on average somewhat more comfortable and more flexible, but their ergonomics are not nearly as tailored to a gamers needs as a gaming chair will be.


Office chairs for the most part are boring and have usually one color: black. Gaming chairs on the other hand are usually much cooler looking than office chairs, they sport custom coloring and flashy visuals that catch the eye. This doesn’t mean all office chairs are boring in their aesthetics, but to get good looking office chairs you will have to pay a lot more than getting a good looking gaming chair.

Even the cheapest gaming chair have aggressive color pallets and generally make your gaming area look much better. Again it is really much more just subjective preference as to which one you will like better, some people will think that gaming chairs are just too flashy and dumb and it isn’t enough to compensate for their higher price vs. a cheaper office chair.

Image result for DXracer gaming chair
Colorful and Aesthetic
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Simple and Bland

Gaming Chairs – Recline

The best benefit of having a gaming chair is that they usually have nice recline features, most office chairs can recline a bit but the only way to get a good recline on an office chair is to buy pricey office chairs that are redundant to this conversation. Many times in a very long gaming session, your back might begin to hurt and ache and having a nice few minutes to sit back and recline fully is a great thing to do for your lumbar health. Most office chairs unfortunately do not have the same recline abilities as a gaming chair will have, even mid-range gaming chairs often have great reclines that office chairs won’t usually be able to match without paying a lot.

Office Chairs – Comfort

Office chairs are usually more comfortable and flexible for different weights, heights and body types than their gaming analogs are. They usually have more comfort for every dollar spent than an equivalent gaming alternative. Office models also have more intuitive seat designs that enable the average consumer to feel better quicker than a gamer.

Office chairs are however much more varied in terms of pricing and options, hence many of the more affordable mid and low range office chairs won’t have the memory chair cushioning, leather, ergonomic support and other good gamer-centric features that gaming chairs have at equivalent prices. This is often the reason why gaming chairs are chosen over their office alternatives.


Gaming chairs have higher price floors than office chairs, there are many 100$ office chairs while there are pretty much no such 100$ gaming equivalents to my knowledge. Gaming chairs often are higher priced because they are associated with higher quality mainly because people will pretty much have a guarantee to have a good chair with DXRacer, Maxnomic or AKRacing while office chairs are more fickle in this regard, especially for gaming.

There are now a lot of competitors for DXRacer such as Maxnomic and AKRacing, they offer similar pricing and options for gaming chairs as DXRacer does. You should take a look at them if you want to get a good gaming chair. Now if you decide to dig a bit further, there are many more shifty and less reliable brands out there selling similar chairs to DXRacer (on-paper) for lower prices. These are hit and miss, some of them will be similar quality to the big brands but many will have you burn out.

Office chairs are on the other hand a lot more varying in terms of pricing and they have more variety overall. There are big and bulky chairs for bigger people, lighter chairs for people who aren’t as heavy and all of the in between options are available. You are likely to find something you like if you search enough, there are prices for as low as 50$ to over 1000$ with a lot of different quality values in between. You should take a look at our guide for the best gaming chairs to see some good ones.

Is it worth it to buy a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs have much better gaming focused features for equivalent prices and they look much better/flashy, they are also pretty much guaranteed to be high quality if you get it from one of the big three (DXRacer, Maxnomic and AKRacing).┬áBut they are often more expensive and have less variation for different heights, weights and body types. Office chairs are to some extent more comfortable than gaming chairs are, but they won’t be nearly as targeted towards gamers as gaming chairs are.

At the end of the day, if you have to make the choice in between upgrading your PC and getting a office chair or not upgrading and getting a gaming chair, upgrading your PC is probably gonna be a better you for you than buying a new DXRacer or Maxnomic.

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